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Despite the challenge of gender discrimation, there are still inspiring women in science you should know.

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Alice Ball Alice Ball was one of the first African American women to earn a masters from the University of Hawaii, later becoming the first female chemistry professor.

At 23 years old, she developed the treatment for leprosy. Rosalind Franklin Since she was 15 years old, Facebook Femeie Femeie Algeria Franklin knew she wanted to be a scientist.

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Her DNA research data was able to show the basic dimensions of DNA strands, with the molecule that has two matching matching parts that run in opposite directions.

Her research by X-ray techniques showed the structures of important biochemical substances. Grace Hopper Grace Hopper is one of the first computer programmers of the modern age.

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Through her work, she was able to develop multiple computer languages that are still used today. Her research showed that genetic characteristics is inheritable, passed through generations.

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See the full list of amazing women by reading the full CNN article. Nerd Girl Nation celebrates individuality, diversity and passion.

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Nerd Girls was founded by Dr. Karen Panetta, a professor and Dean at Tufts University and an IEEE Fellow, to empower female engineering students and challenge the stereotypes and myths about women in the profession.

Meet some amazing female engineers who will inspire you.

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