Wikipedia Pseudo-encyclopedia of the lie, censorship and misinformation

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No part of this publications may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmited in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Sorin Cerin. If at the initiation of it, would not be contributed in addition to the ones well-intentioned, and individuals who wanted to hide the truth from diverse reason, and in its place, to appear under the mask of the right to information, one of the most horrible misinformation.

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Through the proportions which them has taken this encyclopedia of the anonymous collaborators, has come to be, at least in the Romanian culture, one of the biggest mystification of history. I would not be answered to Wikipedians in any way, but I did it because I decided earlier, to write a book about what means truly, Wikipedia, and what are the ins and outs but and its social implications, political, in some cultural backgrounds Dating Woman Lot 65 ani surd other.

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Initially I think it was a laudable idea, namely the free an encyclopedia. In theory it sounds nice except that in practice is something else.

Vaccine Wars Revisited

With every intervention of mine, I realized that, appeared all sorts of individuals who, on behalf of freedom of information, they trying to distort the truth, to mislead the public opinion or, in some cases, to manipulate of shadow, in purposes political and social, certain realities. Thus I managed to penetrate deeper into the ins and outs dirty, of this false encyclopedias.

Harper also authored many of the published, scholarly papers about the vaccines. She is now the latest in a long string of experts who are pressing the red alert button on the devastating consequences and irrelevancy of these vaccines. Harper made her surprising confession at the 4th International Converence on Vaccination which took place in Reston, Virginia. Harper explained in her presentation that the cervical cancer risk in the U. Harper also mentioned the safety angle.

For that, readers to understand the manipulations of some Wikipedians, I will relate you some data about me, published in Metapedia, an encyclopedia which published honestly and openly the article about my person. Many of Wikipedians circles consider it, to be an encyclopedia of the extreme right, but from what I saw, regarding my work, was telling the truth, without the is let prey to manipulations of all kinds.

I wonder which is more serious, Wikipedia or Metapedia? Why would be needed of courage for to appear an article about me?

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Who does not agrees and wants, that I to remain, as possible in anonymity? However they failed to destroy me, given that today more than ever are edited on thousands of pages of quotes from around Dating Woman Lot 65 ani surd world. Every day, appear new and new editors, who my published the aphorisms.

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In the last autumn,'', my have been published twelve books in several editions, but especially, "Wisdom Collection". First of all I would like to present some press articles which have been published about the miseries that me were made. Adică de ce nu stă alături de secţiunile cu peste În schimb, secţiunea română încă se zbate la Un prim exemplu este încercarea de a pune o legătură către singurul website dedicat personalităţii revoluţionarul Avram Iancu www.

Fără succes, însă, căci administratorii Wikipedia şterg repetat hiperlegătura, fără motiv.


Realizatorii acestui site, care sunt membri ai colectivului redacţional al NapocaNews, au renunţat la încercare până au fost contactaţi de scriitorul Sorin Cerin, care s-a confruntat cu aceeaşi problemă: administratorii Wikipedia refuză, printr-un dispreţ bizar, să îi permită acestuia realizarea paginii biografice pe enciclopedie. Lucrări care, în limbajul teoriei literaturii, fac parte din creaţia sapienţială, conţinând aforisme, proverbe, maxime etc.

До тех пор пока у него есть источник энергии, он не может износиться или быть уничтожен. Образ конструкции, во всех ее мельчайших деталях хранящийся в его блоках памяти, никогда не потускнеет, а ведь именно этот образ и контролирует его физическую структуру. Теперь корабль, направляемый роботом к башне, был уже совсем близко. Джизирак прикинул, что он около ста футов длиной. На заостренном с обоих концов корпусе не видно было ни окон, ни каких-либо других отверстий, хотя, в общем-то, толстый слой земли на обшивке и не позволял утверждать это с полной уверенностью.

Pe când ne putem aştepta la o evoluţie în manejul de la Globus? Citatul fals, adaugat de studentul irlandez Shane Fitzgerald pe pagina dedicata lui Maurice Jarre, a fost preluat de numeroase cotidiene si bloguri anglo-saxone din intreaga lume. George Bara Translation: Romanian Wikipedia, stuck in censorship and incompetence.

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You may wonder why Wikipedia does not have yet a Dating Woman Lot 65 ani surd section in Romanian. I Dating Woman Lot 65 ani surd, why does not lie alongside the sections with overarticles, beside the section in English, Dutch, Polish or German. In exchange, the Romanian section still struggling toitems, with moderators in age of 13 years, whose intentions are dubious, or simply evade the responsibility that and have assumed.

Without success however, because the Wikipedia administrators repeatedly delete the hyperlink without reason. The creators of this site, who are members of the editorial staff of 'Napoca News', have waived the test until they were contacted by the writer Sorin Cerin, who faced the same problem: Wikipedia administrators refuse, through a bizarre contempt, to him enable its the achievement of biographical page on the encyclopedia.

Here's what wrote the literary critic and university professor Dodu I. Balan about Sorin Cerin: "The Poet and novelist of modern invoice, author of philosophical essays and studies on topics bold and ambitious about immortality, transience and eternity, about death, nothingness, aneant, lifefaith, longing, Sorin Cerin has addressed similar themes lately, fundamental, in the aphorism species, in the volumes: Revelations December 21,and Immortality.

Wikipedia Pseudo-encyclopedia of the lie, censorship and misinformation

Works, which in the language of the theory literature, are part of the sapiential creation, containing aphorisms, proverbs, maxims, etc. However, the writer was hit by fierce resistance from part of the "moderators" Wikipedia.

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A first refusal it received from the moderator Laurap, whose education and profession we can not it knows:"Discution closed, result: delete. When we expect an evolution in the manege from circus Globus? So I can also say that my dad went on Mars and worldwide to me believe ".

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